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merhaba kendi afyonumu yetiştirmek istiyorum afyon tohumlarını nasıl bulabilirim afyon tohumlarını bulmama yardım eder misin ingilizcem kötü çeviri yazıyorum özür dilerim
Selamın aleyküm reisim nasılsın.. sentetik kannabiod yaptın mı hiç ben bi iş adamıyım.. yardımcı olalım reisim birbirimize yapabilirmisin
Can I get an invite for the RC section, please?
No, I was just around in the last month, and I’ve seen that I could get in there by invitation, but my account wasn’t 1 month old, and I seen that it was a requirement, so I didn’t open a ticket for invitation.. but now my account is older than 1 month, so I wanted to get invited.. but I see that it’s paid access now😕
We are willing to give out access for free as before, but you have to contribute to the forum to do so.
I’m reading the forum every day since registration, and created a thread already, so I’m on it😉
Dostum merhaba
you definatley need two peices of sheet metal or plexiglass. you can extract the k2 from the sheets with a acetone bath then pressing the page between the plexiglass peices or sheets of metal. the k2 then, and in acetone or isopropal or ethalalcahol it will be forced out the pages.
Hi bro I wanna learn how to finish the ADB precursor off properly by using the method and I need a full demonstration like how you did with the hash but could u maybe put a video
Unboxing of the day 🥰
Hey hello, I am new to this forum (discovered it today) and I love it!! people look very nice and with a ton of wisdom ...

look, I bought like 2 years ago some kg of p2np, But it's not yellow and it has a brown-reddish color, is it expired? I wish I could still be able to perform a little with it, would you mind taking a look and give me your opinion.

Thank you, sir!! and thank you very much for that vid, amazing!!